the standard for professional audio and video external hard drives.

Avastor's focus is to provide the most consistent and reliable storage devices for content creators around the globe. 

Every unit shipped is assembled and tested in Avastor's facility in Atlanta. The technicians verify each interface port on each enclosure while testing the transfer integrity of the internal hard drive which that unit ships with. No bulk formatting hard drives here!

Why do our customers insist on Avastor? They know they can count on outstanding service, the best warranty in the business and the legendary performance of every drive we sell. Whether working with 4k footage, RAW photos or a 120-track session, the Avastor process ensures every Avastor product is ready for you.

5 Year Warranty on all SSD Equipped Drives
4 Year Warranty on all HDX and PDX Series Drives
3 Year Warranty on all RAID Series

  • no questions asked replacement
  • advanced replacement
  • level one data recovery

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